Time for some bags

Firstly, I do have a small company, Bomans Nål&tråd.

No childlabour is used, only an old bag:-)

Thats me, sewing all things there. Please do visit and You may find just the things You were looking for.

I just love fabrics. Usually I do not use templates, I just pick a fabric and visualize the product it can be.  Sometimes clothing, only for me, but most often accesories. Bags, pouches, mobile- and Ipod cases, toilettery bags and even a kind of a footmuff for a grown up person in  a wheelchair. We do have the coldest winter i a long time this year!

My last project was a lap-top bag. The fabric was picked by the customer, and I got the measurements. That´s it, nothing more was required. And here is the result:

This picture has got the colours rigth.

The bag is closed with a bit of velcro.

Last week a sended away a lot of bags to a lady. Five in each fabric, to be given away as presents. I sure hope they will be well lowed!

Kittens on heavy cotton in a sandy yellow color. Backside i Indian cotton.

Camouflage, in a water resistant fabric.

A heavy linen fabric with berries.

Happy Hopping Lambs on a silvergrey fabric.

Vintage cars  on light sandy coloured heavy cotton.

And lastly,  a toiletbag. I big one, with a long zipper.

All washable at home, sewn to last a long time.

And at the same time maybe save a bit of our planet, by not using plastics.



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