Google translate, no good

Have had a few wisits from google translate under the last three days.  Translated the post by google. Because I´m a curios person:-)

Fanny readig, co´s it´s not at all the same thing I wrote. Google translates word after word, not meaning after meaning. Everything chanses meaning;-) even the simplest things.

Like this:

To dry mushrooms saving much space in the freezer if you are a big consumer like us.

Well,they got it  almost rigth. Actually I wrote” To dry mushrooms saves a lot of space in Your freezer…

Och om man älskar jakten på svamp, som motion och inhämtning av gratis mat i naturen. And if you love the hunt for mushrooms, which exercise and retrieval of free food in the wild.

Not really what I wrote, no.  And the sentense is left in swedish, too. Its supposed to be ”  ..If You love the hunt for mushrooms for exersice and for cathering of free food in the nature...

Protein that is completely vegetarian thank you not pass up.

No, not what I wrote.  You do not turn down free, completly vegatarian proteins.

Alla bäckar små… säger jag till de som påpekar att sååå mycket protein är det inte i svamp. All small streams … I say to those who point out that sooo much protein is there in the sponge.

Again, the sentense in Swedish is a saying, not possible to translate word for word.

From little things big things grow, is the closest. That´s what I say to people who point out the small amount of protein in mushrooms.



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