Truly amused!

Just did a Google translate of my latest bloggpost. Amusing!  Sligthly confusing too.

Is not the end of the sponge just to start in November….

Nope!  The mushrooms are not at all finished, though it is the beginning of novenber. Today, on the 6 of november, we went out in the woods an hour before it got too dark to see anything. We watched the movie Tintin before(rekommended), hence the late start.

Today’s harvest!  well that was rigth

The black trumpet mushrooms was difficult to see. no….

The Black trumpets were hard to spot.

Lovely though it was quite cold at night. They are now out to dry.’eh,what..

Very fine, though it has been pretty cold at nigth (they freese easily). They are on the drier frames now.

Chanterelles are filled two frames and is in the dryer too. english?

The Trumpet chantarels filled two frames(in the drier).

Chanterelles, we ate up a part of, the rest will be lunch for her husband tomorrow (risotto) and another part is moving into the freezer ???

Of the Chantarelles  we ate up one part of, the rest will be lunch for the husband(risotto) and one part is on its way to the freezer.

Nedkokade in a dry pan, only dehumidified they stay long. If we do not eat them. ?? about half of it understandable

Cooked in a dry pan, only dehumified they hold for a long time. If we do not eat them.

Propably, with a lot of good will and humor You just could make out what I ment. I´ve seen worse.



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